American Voices - New Series

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“It’s not just a black and white issue.” 

Fifty years after the Civil Rights movement racism is still a top social concern in America. Incidents in Ferguson, Baltimore, and Florida sparked revolutionary protests nationwide and gained international coverage. American Voices is a 5 part docu-series that will dig deep into the why and how we, as a nation, have come to a place of such utter disregard for human life. Particularly if said human happens to be a minority. It’s not just a black and white issue anymore; it never has. What of the Latino living in Texas? Or the Filipino living in Seattle? Or the Pakistani living in NY? By speaking with these communities across the United States we hope to answer the questions lingering within their constructs, with the aim that these American Voices will finally be heard. 

Each episode will highlight a region in America and showcase the racial conflict therein, in an attempt to shed light on the many questions these communities have struggled to answer for decades.

By exposing discrimination in major US cities we hope to see the issues from all sides of the color spectrum. It’s not just a black and white issue. Discrimination is experienced by every underprivileged individual in the US. We each have a story to tell and a voice that is longing to be heard. 

In an attempt to dive into the root of this issue, we will explore whether it stems from a lack of education? Is it an illness passed down from generation to generation? Or is it systematic conditioning produced by the very government that put these civil rights laws in place?

Created and Produced by MountainGirl Productions

Co-Producer - Kel M. La Rosa

Music Supervisor - Keejo Burtop